Youth Shaped Scouting

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To meet our Vision for 2018, young people across all ages will have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that Scouting is run. This is to ensure that Scouting meets their needs and remains relevant to their interests.

Youth Shaped Scouting includes young people doing the following:
– Sharing their ideas
– Learning from and teaching each other and adults
– Taking part in decision-making
– Assisting with planning the programme, including activities and camps
– Becoming more involved in all aspects of Scouting

Achieving Youth Shaped Scouting

This is not something that can be achieved overnight, and the method of achieving the Vision will have to reflect the age, maturity and ability of the young people concerned.

Before you can make your sections more youth shaped, it is important to identify what you are already doing. This can be done using the Climbing Wall of Youth Involvement, and remember that your sections / groups may be working at a number of different levels for different activities. Anything above and including level 4 is youth involvement.

Youth Involvement wall