Update from Unit 90 – West Mercia Jamboree Contingent

Date: 10th Jun 2023 Author: hamish.pearson@westmerciascouts.org.uk

Scouts from Dudley, Sandwell, Stourbridge, Walsall, Halesowen and Wolverhampton to descend on South Korea in 8 Weeks to celebrate the World Scout Jamboree.

This month, with their World Scout Jamboree adventure imminent, 40 Scouts aged between 14-17 years old, from West Mercia Unit 90 are gathering for their final briefing camp in June before departing to South Korea on 29th July.
The theme for the event is #DrawYourDream. UK Scout Contingent have taken inspiration from this – and the national animal of Korea – to create our brand: ‘Dreams and tigers’. ‘Dreams and tigers’ focuses on the national animal for Korea: the Siberian tiger. The tiger symbolises bravery, boldness, warmth and compassion. This has been designed within the cultural context of Korea.

The Leadership Team roaring for Unit 90 is…
Ben – Unit Leader
Lewis – Deputy Unit Leader
Ted – Assistant Unit Leader
Emma – Assistant Unit Leader

The Jamboree which is held every 4 years by a different host nation, will see Scouts from 170 different countries uniting in South Korea for the 25th World Scout Jamboree. The selected Scouts from Dudley, Sandwell, Stourbridge, Walsall, Halesowen and Wolverhampton will be living in a global Scouting community, where they will be able to share their culture and friendship with fellow Scouts through accessing over 200 activities. The festival aims to combine Scouting values with global citizenship and sustainability, as well as incorporating life skills and leadership. The Fee to take part is over £3400 and unit members have been fundraising over the past 18 months across the area to ensure that they are able to take part in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Preparation camps and events have been happening up and down the country with many young people giving up weekends to spend valuable time with their Units.

Unit Leader Ben said ‘Preparation camps have been vital in the lead up to the World Scout Jamboree. It is a key moment for the Unit to get to know each other, share skills and have fun! With the Jamboree now only 8 weeks away what a fitting way to celebrate with a penultimate weekend to make sure this fabulous team get the most out of their experience.’

Following a very busy two years from their selection process, the Scouts from West Mercia have been learning important life skills and steadily raising funds to embark on their ultimate, concluding adventure to their Scouting youth chapters.

Eve C from Unit 90 said ‘The World Scout Jamboree is now less than 50 days away and with our last training camp coming up I am finally starting to get excited for our 3 week trip to South Korea. I am looking forward to meeting other Scouts and Guides from across the world to learn about what they do in Scouting and how their cultures are different to ours. Also as a unit of 40 we have all worked hard over the last 18 months to build friendships that will support us whilst at the jamboree and for the rest of our lives. I cannot wait for the opening ceremony to be amongst 50, 000 other Scouts and Guides and have a life changing experience.

The event which promises to be an unforgettable experience will exhibit the benefits and skills that Scouting can bring to the lives of young people.

UK Chief Scout, Bear Grylls said ‘Attending the World Scout Jamboree is a pinnacle moment in Scouting. Being selected to represent your contingent is an honour, it demonstrates the epitome of all the hard work and skills for life that one can learn through Scouting. These young people are our next generation of ambassadors. The world is ever changing but Scouting has them well prepared for their futures ahead by placing them in good stead to be able to tackle global challenges as an accountable citizen. Being on World Scout Jamboree is the perfect time to use these Scouting skills and develop them further by learning about other cultures, languages and skills whilst at the same time being able to freely express yourself and grow your dreams.’

The World Scout Jamboree kicks off in 8 Weeks’ time, more than 50,000 Scouts will gather in the temperate, oceanic climates of SanManGeum which is situated alongside the stunning Byeonsanbando National Park of South Korea.
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Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls