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I am writing to inform you that Ian Dale will be standing down as District Commissioner as soon as we can find a suitable replacement. Ian has led the District for almost 10 years and as with all DC appointments, 10 years is the maximum time a DC can be in post. The District Commissioner (DC) search group are actively searching for a new DC. Halesowen District are looking to appoint a new dynamic volunteer manager whose leadership will ensure that all of the Scout Groups are supported and developed to ensure young people are offered the best quality Scouting possible.

A search group has been formed and its members represent a cross section of the District. Their role is to identify and to consider recommendations for the role of District Commissioner through nominations being actively sought. All nominations will be reviewed by the search group and a shortlist will be drawn up for consideration by the County Commissioner.

How can I help?
I know that there are some amazing people within the District and the wider area and I want to ensure everyone gets the opportunity to nominate people they feel could undertake this role and make a real difference to Scouting in Halesowen.

Therefore, I now invite you to personally contribute to the search by submitting a nomination (or nominations) of persons whom you feel should be considered for this important voluntary appointment.

Who can I nominate?
Self-nominations are actively encouraged and welcomed; let’s be honest, if you believe that you can bring the right skills and expertise to the role in addition to being enthusiastic and motivated, then why not nominate yourself? If you don’t you may miss this rewarding opportunity if you are not nominated by someone else.

It does not matter if the individual you are nominating is new to Scouting as we have a training scheme, which provides comprehensive training to those new to, and already part of the Movement. The important aspect is for the individual to have the skills and leadership that will continue to move Halesowen District forwards.

How do I nominate?
Please complete the nomination form at the end of the DC Vacancy Pack and return it by midnight on Sunday 24th March 2019. Please email it to dcsearch@westmerciascouts.org.uk

Thank you in anticipation of your support.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact with me should you wish to find out more about the role or if you have any questions.

Lynn Richardson
Deputy County Commissioner
West Mercia Scouts

DC Vacancy Pack

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