A week long Virtual Camp across the County

Calling all young people and adults from across West Mercia!

Whilst we may not be able to camp as a group or section right now, that won’t stop us from camping.

We’re organising a week long Virtual Camp from the 10th-16th May.

We hope you will join us!

Big Camp Out Guidelines

Guidelines for Parents, Carers and Leaders of Young People Participating in “Nights Away at Home”

Here are the rules....

We’re asking you all, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Leaders, Parents and all Young People including their friends who are interested in joining in the fun, to:

– Pack a bag
– Build a den indoors or pitch a tent in your garden
– Sleep in your shelter of choice
– Build a ‘campfire’ (real or virtual)
– Help cook a meal 
– Take part in a daily challenge

Nights Away at Home

Whilst taking part in a Nights Away at Home experience, all young people must be supervised by their parents or guardians.

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Nights Away rules in POR, including rules 9.55 to 9.63, don’t apply to ‘nights away at home,’ so long as the young person’s parent or guardian is present and the night away does take place at home. This means that there’s no need for: a completed Nights Away Notification (Form NAN) for your Night’s Away Permit Holder to oversee, for a qualified first aider to be on site or for parents or guardians to have a DBS check.

While a Form NAN isn’t required, parents or guardians may still want to let an appropriate local volunteer know about their ‘night away at home’, to help volunteers understand which young people have earned what badges when Scouts resumes.

For further guidance about Nights Away at Home, please CLICK HERE

Most importantly...

Each night you participate share a creative photo or video to our social media pages with the hashtag #BigCampOut​

Post them in our Facebook Group to show everyone else what you’re getting up to, then share them with your Leaders and friends to show that although we can’t meet “Face to Face” Scouting doesn’t stop!

You can sleep out for as many nights as you want to, and each young person who takes part can achieve 1 Night Away for each night they participate (as long as they aren’t sleeping in their bed). Everyone who participates will get a virtual certificate for joining in.

Daily STEM Challenges

Every day at 8am we’ll release the day’s STEM Challenge here. Once completed you’ll need to upload evidence of your young person taking part here so your entries can be recorded and judged.

#BigCampOut is sponsored by the Royal Air Force. An RAF goody bag will be available to 500 young people who complete at least 1 Night Away and all 7 challenges with the best effort, and 10 young people with notable participation or effort will win a Curiosity Box for their Section. These are as judged by the RAF Youth & STEM Team and the County Team on the basis of evidence uploaded.