Barney Beaver’s Barmy Challenge

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Our Challenge To You – should you wish to accept it:

You are challenged to undertake ten out of the fourteen challenges below.


  1. Balloon Challenge
  2. Bake-off Challenge
  3. Banana Challenge
  4. Bouncy Challenge
  5. Beach Party Challenge
  6. Bean Challenge
  7. Bedtime Challenge
  8. Bee Challenge
  9. Biscuit Challenge
  10. Brave Challenge (Disney)
  11. Bread Challenge
  12. Breakfast Challenge
  13. Brick Challenge (Lego)
  14. Backwards Challenge

OR any ‘B’ Challenge

You can work on your challenges from January to September 2015 and your need to register to take part before the end of January 2015.

You can choose whatever you want relating to the challenges – some ideas from last time (1993) can be found below.

Enjoy your challenges and remember to pass on good ideas or let the press know.

Barmy Breakfast Challenge Barmy Bedtime Challenge Barmy Beach Party
Barmy Banana Challenge Barmy B.... Challenge Barmy Blarney Challenge